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Tips In Getting Security Alarm System for Your Home

The home security alarms are very helpful in detecting for those unlawful entry of people right into that of your area or your premises. There are actually two security alarms, the bell only alarms and the monitored alarms. The bell only alarm can actually produce the high pitch siren when then home security is being breached. It has actually two-fold purpose of the bell alarm system. The first fold is the loud siren that is being designed to act as the deterrent to that of the continuation of the criminal act by simply informing that there is a breach in the security of the house and it has been detected by the alarm security system. Usually, the alarm that the bell do produces can be a high pitched sound frequency that will make the burglar to be alarmed and will flee immediately away from the house premises.

The second purpose of the bell alarm is that it is designed to inform the people in the area that there is a breached or that the home security system of the house is breached by the intruder. While this is an excellent kind of feature if you will be at home or if ever that you will have someone who can help to respond to the security alarm, this is not useful if ever that you will be away from home and an attack in your premises happen.

The monitored alarm system is being controlled by the third party observer like for example the alarm monitoring company. The monitored alarm system has two types namely the bell alarm which can produce high pitch tones and the second one is the silent alarm that is not being heard by that of the burglar or the intruders.

We know already the advantages of the audible bell alarm as being outlined above. The purpose of having the silent alarm is to be able to fool the perpetrator that there is a home security alarm system installed in your home and that they are caught and being detected. The security company is going to be informed and the local police can attend to the scene and can hopefully catch those criminals in the right time.

The audible and the silent alarm system do actually functions in the same manner. It is beneficial that wilt the monitored alarm systems, you can expect that when the home security is breached, then an instant alarm activation will pass through the central monitoring station right towards your phone line that will alarm the security company with the problem that do actually occur in your home. The security alarm company is going to dispatch then then security guard that is going to attend to that of your premises to start to investigate the real cause of the alarm.

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